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Photographer and creative // weddings, portraits, documentary, and fashion // "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

new prints // in store.

NEW PRINTS now stocked in: before march store | NOW OPEN
277 High Street
Northcote, Victoria, Australia 3070

this beautiful store is all about attention to detail. every item included in the store oozes delicate sophistication. 

clothing labels include: dominique healy, sunshine symbol and pulka. all ethically made and (may i add) the most talented ladies behind each label! these ladies can sew - really really well, it's impressive.

and thanks to my encouraging friend (dominique healy) it’s so amazing to have my prints up too, that are now sold in store. how special is this!! more details on prints below

i’m so lucky to share my prints and celebrate the store launch with a group of such inspirational ladies; thank you to dom, mel and sarah xx

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Print named: Fila Tiala // A2 framed

the story behind the prints:

every print reflects a gift - i felt that instead of throwing the flowers away i would photograph them so their beauty/associated memory would live on. every print is named after the person who gave them to me. a memory forever captured in time - corny - yes, but thoughtful - hell yes.

after spending time in melbourne, shooting the store and catching up with friends; i realised (again) that i’m so lucky to be surrounded by talented  + savvy friends.

thanks to before march for stocking my prints in store; make sure to go in to look for yourself!! they’re framed and various sizes.

these prints will only be exclusively available at before march sizes A1, A2 and A3 (frame and unframed) or send an email to julie@juliecoopercreative.com xox

Print named: Annalee // A1, framed

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thanks and all my love xox 
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