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milkshake models.

the milkshake models... bringing the boys to the yard.

was a lovely quick and simple shoot with these lovely ladies at ollie's ice-cream parlour in royal oak, auckland. these ladies are effortless beauties making waves in auckland city.

milkshake models is a new agency specialising in diversity:
we not only represent models, but creatives with backgrounds in disciplines such as; make-up artistry, graphic design, photography, acting, and more.
we are breaking the rules. instead of the traditional and trendy, we have personality and flavour. because our models are the misfits, they are the crazy ones, they are irreplaceable. - milkshake models
make sure to join them this saturday 29th august @ 1885 with THE BLACK CLUB. $10 cover charge from 9pm. all details here

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