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welcome: julie cooper creative.

we welcome the new julie cooper creative. it’s been a long time coming for this sweet little evolution.

lately i’ve been diving into random wonderful online projects & social media/website goodness; which has naturally spurred the development from just photography to a larger portfolio.

i’ve had the pleasure of continuing my photography, whilst helping incredible people with their online marketing, website, social media development and public relations.

it’s not much of a launch without a party… so here’s a mini celebration in waiheke!! yeah that's technically 'overseas' and what an awesome week it was.

this happened to be at mudbrick vineyard and restaurant - cheers! yeah-yeah the glass was empty, it was too good not to finish...

soo rolling back... here is where it all started - welcome to the humble abode and that deck *pause* let's just take that in:

during the week, i was so grateful to have mumma fila and my two nieces visit too! we spent some time at the waiheke library (yeah, i still needed me some wifi), brought far too many 'doctor play-sets' from the $2 store, and blew bubbles in the backyard. totes cute!

and we be like:

we also went to the beach, hung out in oneroa, sampled wines/ate at stoney ridge vineyard with friends, and pretty much did what evverrrr we wanntteeeddd. we all had sahhh much fun and it was so nice to hang out and appreciate family time.

… then we continued the on-going celebrations at mudbrick vineyard with wine and treats!


this platter was off the CHAIN!!! we are talking: incredible calamari, kick-ass eggplant goodness (whoever can make eggplant taste that good, is a genius), delicious prawns and yummy proscuitto/meats etc etc... i would highly recommend!!

the next day was spent at the local sandbar, with a lack of sunblock and a whole lot of wine-filled yarns; then spoilt enough to enjoy this beautiful view, and a picnic with friends!

and friends be like:

it was a big week of celebrations & relaxing

being away was a great opportunity to take a step back and appreciate some good quality downtime with minimum internet/gadgets, family hang-outs, awesome friends, no traffic and time to take in some beautiful sea views.

thank you to everyone who has supported me over the years, it means a lot! now after a week long celebration and with a fresh perspective ahead - i'd like to officially introduce the new:

julie cooper creative

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