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fujifilm and i collaborated for new zealand fashion week. 

i was decked out with an X-M1 which is an easy, beautiful looking camera that packed a punch with 16.3 megapixels. the X-M1 camera snapped images with strong colours, crisp lines, clean detail plus the standard zoom lens 16-55mm is pretty wide as well - which is always handy for wide angle shots.

this camera was not only a quick-n-easy option for NZ fashion week, but i'd highly recommend it for summer tours and roady trips because it is so light (weighs the same as a large apple) - how convenient right?! ditch the iphone and try something new.

here's a couple of snapshots >

loved the length of these guys clothes. black - tick! 
NZ fashion week opening ceremony - great wide angle

great material detail and colour at the opening ceremony
designer selection show runway
final runway walk 

makeup backstage
backstage beauty getting ready for the runway
great detail of make up backstage
that's a wrap xx
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